søndag, august 16, 2009

Miraklene i Santo Fico

D. L. Smith: Miraklene i Santo Fico (The Miracles of Santo Fico)

My first Random Reading Challenge book turned out to be a disappointment. "Everybody" read and loved this book a few years ago, and I was ready to do the same.

The story takes place in a small village in Tuscany, with the usual assortment of characters and their usual hidden secres and unknown pasts. At first the book is rather charming, but then it descends into a mess of unbelieveable, improbable and illogical events and ends in a series of cliches so sugary sweet it'll have you reach for your toothbrush.

I read it in Norwegian, which means that I'm not sure who I should blame for the language, which is partly cliches and partly unnecessary complicated -the author or the translator. Both, probably. I get the feeling that the author is trying too hard to be original and creative, and most of the time he fails.

With all the intrigues and cliches, this is more soap than literature...

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